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A Unique Waterfowl Fashion Brand

Feathered Fashions takes pride in creating unique one of a kind waterfowl designs! Only a couple of diaper makers existed when Feathered Fashions launched in 2011 and the one thing that was not on the market was waterfowl diaper harness accessories! Waterfowl want to be fashionable too right?! We set out to create not only a waterproof diaper harnesses but a waterfowl fashion brand like no other!

Over the years we've developed many original designs including the first waterfowl tutu, skirts, pettiskirts, fashion collars, no pull neckties, bow-ties, peter pan collars, scoodies, hoodies, capes and costumes to name just a few! This page is dedicated to displaying some of our past and present work and designs. We are committed to the contual development of new, exciting and most imporantly truly original pieces of fashion!

"In a world full of cookie cutter designs...choose originality." 

Our Fashions

Unique Fashion Harness Accessories

Here at Feathered Fashions we believe life is more fun with accessories! We've put many hours into designing these original pieces of fashion and we're always inspired to continue creating unique one of a kind pieces. All of the accessories use snaps to either attach directly to the harness or around your waterfowl. Each item is designed and hand crafted with much love and care by our designer, Jennifer Sunshine. 
- Fashion Bow-Tie
- No Pull Neck-Tie
- Fashion Neck Collar
- Peter Pan Collar
- Fashion Tutu
- Ruffle Skirt
- Corset Skirt
- Pettiskirt
- Bobbles of Ribbon Skirt
- Bustle Skirt
- Snap Bows
- Snap Flowers
- Capes
- Capelet
- Scoodie
- Hoodie
"A designer…has the true responsibility to give his audiences not what they think they want, for this is almost invariably the usual, the accustomed, the obvious, and hence, the unspontaneous. Rather, he should provide that quality of thought and intuition which rejects the ineffectual commonplace for effectual originality."

Waterproof Fashion Harnesses

All of our diaper harnesses come complete with an inner waterproof core to prevent leaks. Cuddle straps come standard with each harness. These have a soft cuddly fabric on the inner side of the neck straps to allow for maximum comfort. Cuddle fabric is also added on the inner side of the diaper pouch for extra absorbtion, moisture wicking and comfort. All harnesses are adjustable with snaps and have added fashion snaps on various locations to allow for attachable accessories. (Accessories purchased seperately). Leash loops are also provided to allow an attachable leash and/or pet tag. Each harness is hand crafted with great precision and care by Jennifer Sunshine. 

*Fabrics are sourced from many different locations and change often. Certain fabrics are released as a part of a "collection" and may no longer be available for purchse in the future. 

Click here to learn how to measure your waterfowl and submit measurements to the designer for sizing.

"Quality is more than a promise,
it's genuine performance."


We believe imagination makes life more exciting! On occasion we design original pre-made costumes for purchase.

Halloween is our favorite time of year. Each year Feathered Fashions celebrates "FowlOween", an event in which we design fun pre-made costumes to be sold in a week long online auction! We also host a photo scavenger hunt where our customers can earn the chance to win a free Feathered Fashions waterproof diaper harness. 
"Imagination is the only weapon
​in the war against reality."

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