How to measure your waterfowl


Found a Feathered Fashions design you like but not sure if it'll fit your waterfowl? No worries! Follow the instructional photo below to easily learn how to measure your feathered friend. We ask that all measurements be taken in inches. Waterfowl can be wiggly and uncooperative, we understand. So if you can only get the mandatory measurements, that's ok. Mandatory measurements include (Butt to tail, In-between Legs and Circumference of Butt). Please make sure you're measuring as close to their body as possible (we don't want to include any extra "fluff" in their measurements as this might affect their fashion size). Please note: Due to the very quick rate of growth and the possibilty of entanglement Feathered Fashions does not diaper ducklings. 

When finished, type your measurements in the provided form and click the submit button to send them to the designers inbox. (If you are submitting measurements for multiple waterfowl, please send them in seperately.) You will be contacted shortly thereafter with your waterfowl's size according to the measurements you submitted. 

Please submit your measurements using the form below. 

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Butt to Tail Measurement
Circumference of Butt Measurement
In-between Legs Measurement
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