Meet the Designer

When I was a little girl I used to visit my aunts farm on the weekends. One weekend we hatched a gosling together. I was so excited to watch the incubator and even more excited to see the gosling hatch from it's shell. From the moment it broke free from it's shell we were inseperable. Unfortunately, my parents wouldn't allow me to bring the goose home but he was there waiting for me every weekend. We would go for walks together, eat together and even sleep in the same bed together. I loved him and by the way he followed my every step, I knew he loved me too. One weekday after school we received a call that my beloved friend passed away due to complications from a fire ant attack. That day I vowed that I would one day have another feathered friend and next time he would be kept indoors so that could never happen again. Time passed, I graduated school, bought a house, got married and had kids. It never seemed like the right time to have an indoor waterfowl and my husband wasn't too keen on the idea of indoor "farm animals". In 2010 my husband and I went through a divorce. During this time I set out to "find myself", and in the process I rediscovered my love for waterfowl. I adopted and raised an indoor Sebastopol goose named Sebastion. 

As you well know waterfowl are very messy creatures and cannot be potty trained. I set out to find a diaper that would help in keeping Sebastian as an indoor pet more sanitary. There were only a couple diaper makers on the market and for reasons I will not state their products and/or business practices did not fit my needs. It was then I realized there was an incredible need for waterfowl diaper makers and I set out to create my very own waterproof diaper harness. Four designs and many hours later the Feathered Fashions diaper harness was born. At that time there were no harness accessories on the market. My head was filled with visions of tutus, bowties, and costumes. Oh the possiblities were endless! Sebastian would be vogue ready in no time. I decided to first make a bowtie and snap bow. I tried them on Sebastian and as I predicted he looked fabulous! A close friend saw my harness and accessories and encouraged me to market and sell them online. I honestly didn't think I'd receive even one order. To my surprise orders started flooding in...and the rest is history.

Over the years through meeting people and organizations while creating duck and goose fashions I got involved in waterfowl rescue. Imprinted waterfowl rescue to be more specific. Since opening Feathered Fashions we have rescued 9 waterfowl and helped facilitate transport for many others. All of our feathered family are rescues and several were/are special needs. I have since stepped out of the rescue world but continue to try and educate humans about the seriousness of dumping season and imprinting. So many waterfowl loose their lives each year due to humans and the belief that all they need is a body of water and a handful of bread to survive. Many have no idea what the word "imprint" means or how to care for them. I always advise people to research, fully understand and commit to a lifetime of indoor care before even thinking about imprinting a waterfowl. If you haven't imprinted but would like to add a duck or goose to your indoor family, be sure to check local rescues. So many are dumped and in need of loving homes. I'm a big advocate for the phrase "Adopt don't shop". 

When I'm not caring for my family or creating fashions I'm an avid gamer on the Playstation 4. I enjoy games like Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Seige and Plants vs Zombies. I also dabble in all things crafting but some of my favorites are crochet, drawing, painting and interior decorating. <3
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Meet Our Team

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    Professional Waterfowl Model and Meal Worm Inspector.
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